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8 life lessons from Muhammad Ali

Once in his interview, Muhammad Ali said that he hated all his trainings, but continued to train. He always told himself: “Right now is the time to be patient and then the rest of your life you will spend like a champion!”.

Nothing is given easily in life. In order to achieve your goals you have to sacrifice, and the more serious your goals are, the harder you will need to work. If we speak about sacrifices, we do not mean family and friends. We need to sacrifice our time, comfort, pleasure and rest. Everybody has the moments when we want to give up everything and even abandon the dreams. But when these thoughts come to your mind, just imagine how much you will get if you don’t apostatize and move on!

If at the age of 50 you perceive the life as you are 20, you’ve wasted 30 years of your life.

People change. We learn new things, set and achieve new goals and become more experienced in life. Therefore, if you are told that you’ve changed, just thank this person. This is the best compliment. Change, but don’t betray yourself.

We win or lose before going to the ring – it happens when we train. Dreams do not come true in two shakes. It’s a great road and the main factors that are important here is the speed and the direction you are going to.

In order to achieve success you really need to want it, dream of it and act. How often do you think about what you want? Do you go to bed and think of your dreams? Do you get up and think of your desires? You need to strive every second.

A person, who doesn’t have imagination, has no wings. A bird that doesn’t use its wings will hardly fly away. A man, who doesn’t use his imagination, remains at the same place. Soar in the world of possibilities.

 Goals are the levers that help us not to remain at the same place and move forward. Imagine your dreams and desires. Acknowledge your dreams; realize that they are possible; the only boundaries are your personal frames. Fly like a bird, but sting like a bee.


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