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Creepy Facts That Will Make You Squeamish

Locusts aren’t a type of animal. They are a condition some grasshoppers experience. Many species of grasshoppers become locusts when they are too crowded (literally their legs rubbing together triggers the change). Once grasshoppers start to swarm they will join up with others, physically grow larger, change color, and eat basically anything they find. Most of a swarm will be born as part of the swarm (increased mating is part of swarm behavior). This is why it often seems like locust swarms come out of nowhere. Add in the amount of calories they need to stay airborne, and in addition to devouring acres upon acres of crops, they also cannibalize each other in the air.

Blobfish in its natural habitat looks like normal fish. It lives so deep underwater that it doesn't use a normal gas bladder to keep itself balanced. Instead, it has a spongy skin that is slightly less dense than water, which becomes damaged and bloated when fishermen bring it up too quickly. It's not really the ugliest fish. It has just experienced something worse than one of us being thrown into outer space. Between sea level and space, there's one atmospheric pressure of difference. Between sea level and 2000 feet underwater, their upper limit, there are 60 atmospheres of difference.

One reason that crows and ravens are associated with death is because they would often follow armies as they marched to battle. Being both carrion birds and extremely intelligent, they realized that a large group of armed men marching in one direction meant that there would be a tasty meal of corpses to eat soon afterward.

After getting stung by a cone snail, you don’t feel the sting for a little bit. There is no antivenin and it can be lethal. Its treatment is basically keeping the victim alive until the venom wears off. Its venom is used to create a painkiller that is 1000 times more powerful than morphine and less addictive.

Female mummies in Ancient Egypt were always more decomposed than their male counterparts. They discovered that this was because male bodies were embalmed a lot sooner than female bodies. Female bodies were kept at the family home until they started to decompose in order to avoid necrophilia at the embalmers.


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