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Diane Kruger speaks out about being approached by paparazzi with her toddler: ‘I’ve almost hit a few of them’

Diane Kruger is opening up about her family life in a new interview with the Sunday Times, which delves into her engagement to actor Norman Reedus and her frustration with the paparazzi as a mother.

“I f***ing hate it and it’s driving me nuts,” the German actress says of being photographed while out with the 3-year-old daughter she shares with Reedus. “When I’m with my kid and they take pictures of her I’ve almost hit a few of them. If I see them and they’re brave enough to not walk away, 100% I’m that crazy lady who yells across the street.”

The 45-year-old Swimming With Sharks star is understandably protective of her child, whose name she and Reedus, 53, have not made public. But Kruger did share some details about her "so sweet" toddler.

"I got really lucky," she says. "She’s obsessed with Mulan. She’s taking martial arts to be like Mulan. All she wants to do is go to China."

Reedus, who shares 22-year-old son Mingus with ex-partner Helena Christensen, is similarly "obsessed." According to Kruger, the Walking Dead star recently went to get mani-pedis together on a daddy-daughter date.

"She was in heaven, he was in heaven. It was so cute," she says.

Kruger and Reedus became a couple after co-starring in 2015's Sky, and became engaged last year.

“He just projects masculinity in a very, to me, intimidating way," theIn the Fade star says of her attraction to Reedus. "I wasn’t used to that.”

But she adds that the pair haven't "even started thinking" about actually planning a wedding. It would be her second trip down the aisle, having split from French actor and director Guillaume Canet in 2006 before embarking on a long-term relationship with actor Joshua Jackson.

“I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. You know, it’s just like, it’s fun," she adds. “I take one day at a time. If I’ve learnt anything from my past relationships, it’s nothing is ever a given.”

Kruger also spoke about the relationship in a Sunday Telegraph interview in January.

"I can't even put my finger on what's changed, because I've definitely said, 'I'm never getting married again,'" she shared. "And who knows when we're going to get married. But just the symbolism of that ring. It's like a family heirloom, you know, because it's going to be [my daughter's] one day. I still look at my ring and think, 'Wow, this is crazy!'"


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