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Popular Pets: The Pros and Cons

Some pets are particularly popular in the United States. Look at some of the pros and cons of each one.



When it comes to the most popular pet in the United States, dogs are the clear winner!

Pros of Having a Dog As A Pet

One of the pros of choosing this pet is there are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from so it’s easy to find the right fit your household.

Another pro is a dog can be a loyal companion that can guard your property as well.

Many people appreciate the unconditional love offered by many pet dogs.


Cons of Having a Dog As A Pet

The high costs of vet care and food for a dog can put a strain on the household budget. This depends a lot on what breed of dog you choose.

Another con is some dogs shed more than others and can leave a lot of hair behind on the furniture. Be sure to check the shedding level of the dog breed you’re interested in if this is a concern.



A cat is another popular pet in the United States. These domesticated creatures are sleek, fast and always seem to have the wheels turning in their head!

Pros Of Having A Cat As A Pet

Cats are low-maintenance pets in that they don’t need to be walked or taken to the park

Cats are quiet animals, so you don’t have to worry about excessive noise in your home

The monthly food bill for a cat is usually low because they aren’t known to need a large amount of food


Cons of Having A Cat As A Pet

A cat has sharp claws that can damage upholstery, rugs and other furniture

Male cats can spray urine in an effort to mark their territory. This can happen inside a home creating a big stink. Cats that are neutered are less likely to spray the environment.

A cat that’s kept outside should be monitored because these animals can easily be hit by a car if they wander out into the road



This category includeshamsters, gerbil, mice, rats, andguinea pigs.

Pros of Having Rodents As Pets

Hamsters, gerbils and other rodent pets are low-maintenance requiring less care than a larger pet.

Rodents are playful creatures that can be fun to interact with or simply observe. For instance, guinea pigs have been known to let out a squeal when they hear their owner’s voice!

Rodents and their cages are easy to move to other places in a home if you need to relocate it to another room


Cons of Having Rodents As Pets

Rodents can sometimes escape their cage or habitat making it necessary to find creative ways to catch them

A rodent’s cage can take on an odor if you don’t establish a regular cleaning schedule

If you get a male and female gerbil, hamster, etc. without realizing it, you can end up with a cage full of babies!

Some rodents like hamsters are nocturnal so they can make a lot of noise at night spinning on their wheel or digging in their bedding





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